Enhance Your Marketing With This Free Funnel Calculator!

This simple funnel calculator is intended to be flexible. Use it to help you project the potential of your buyer’s journey and marketing campaigns. 


How To Use This Funnel Calculator

Note: Each step calculates the percentage of the prior step (not the initial). 

Why Use A Funnel Calculator?

A marketing funnel calculator makes it easy for you to proactively forecast the potential of your funnel. 

You can get assess your conversion rate, return on investment (ROI), cost per conversion, and much more before ever launching a single campaign. 

In essence, it allows you to anticipate and evaluate expected outcomes rather than relying solely on hindsight.

What's A Good Conversion Rate?

It depends on your historical data, traffic temperature, offer, and various other circumstances. 

A good rule of thumb for offer funnels (where you're selling a product/service) are the following:

Cold Traffic = 1-3%

Warm Traffic = 5-8%

However, leaning into your historical data will give you the best indication of what you should aim for. 


How To Optimize Your Funnel

  1. Prioritize understanding what's supposed to happen so you're not reliant on what has happened. This will help you set realistic expectations and ensure your approach is sound before you commit. 
  2. Measure your funnel performance at each stage for easier attribution and optimization. 
  3. Identify user trends and patterns at each step in your marketing funnel. 

How To Interpret Results

Revenue: Total income

Net: Revenue minus cost

Total Conversions: The count of individuals that take the final step in your funnel. 

Conversion Rate:The percentage of total traffic that takes the final step in your funnel.

Cost Per Conversion: How much it will cost per each individual that converts. 

Net Per Conversion: How much you'll make after costs/spend.

Return: Revenue divided by investment. 

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