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UTM Builder Google Sheet Template!

Streamline campaign tracking and boost analytics precision effortlessly.

Our user-friendly template helps marketers and business owners craft UTM tracking links seamlessly from any destination URL. Shorten links with ease, generate QR codes on the fly, and share your campaigns directly from the sheet.

No more guesswork—optimize your tracking precision with UTM links. Download your free template now.


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Why Should I Use A UTM Builder Google Sheet?

A UTM Builder Google Sheet offers a fast, free, and flexible way to track your marketing campaigns' performance, giving you valuable insights into where your traffic comes from and what's working best.

It's not necessarily better than other methods, but it might be better for your situation. 

Learn more about creating your own UTM links here. 

Can I Customize This Template?

Absolutely! This UTM builder for google sheets template was designed with customization in mind. Feel free input your own settings and customize your template as you like. 

What Can This UTM Google Sheets Template Do?

With this template, you can do the following:

  1. Generate UTM tracking links from a destination URL. 
  2. Shorten UTM tracking links. 
  3. Create QR codes from UTM tracking links.
  4. Share UTM tracking links directly from your Google Sheet. 
  5. Store meta-data (creator, date, notes) in a historical log. 

Where Can I Learn More About UTMs?

If you'd like to learn more about UTM parameters and creating UTM links, check out our free guide!

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